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Sage One has helped over 180,000 small and entrepreneurial businesses to manage their finances simply, to focus on the parts of their business they really enjoy, and to grow.

Not at all. Once you are set up in Sage One, it will take you far less time to manage your financials than when you used spreadsheets and boxes of receipts. Think of how much time you can save on data entry alone? The set up is really quick. You can be up and running on Sage One in 20 minutes or less. It’s that simple.

Let’s talk about Sage One versus a spreadsheet first. There are a ton of benefits. For one, it will cut down on manual data entry. Sage One integrates with your online bank and credit card accounts and downloads transactions automatically. That is a huge time-saver. It also allows me to log on and see your data in real time. That means I can work with you and communicate with you much more easily. Plus I can proactively help you out instead of waiting until year-end or tax time to fix things. Beyond that, I imagine you would like your business to grow? Spreadsheets won’t work forever as your business gets larger and more complex, so you’ll need to adopt an accounting solution at some point. Sage One is a great choice because it is simple and easy to learn and it will grow with your business. Now let’s talk about free invoicing apps. Most of these provide very basic tools to help you invoice, but that’s about it. They don’t help you manage your customers’ payments or be able to quickly see which invoices are outstanding, and they don’t provide reporting. Sending an invoice is great and all, but I imagine you would like to get paid, and in a timely manner. It’s worth a lot to have a program that helps you to get paid quicker.

This will absolutely make your like easier come tax time. When we can work together online throughout the year, we can get ahead of a lot of things before tax time. I can make sure you have everything set up in the best way and provide real-time advice. It also means I’ll already have access to all your transactions for the year, both income and expenses if you are using Sage One, so you won’t have to dig up a bunch of information. We’ll probably still need to chat briefly at tax time, but it will be so much quicker and simpler than it has been in the past.

Linking Sage One to your bank account is no more risky than using online banking. The technology used by Sage One allows you to enter your logon credentials through a secure link and this information is never stored. Then Sage One maintains this link so it can read and display your bank transactions. It is impossible to post anything to your bank from this link. Sage One also uses 256-bit encryption, which is the same required of your online banking. You can feel really safe and secure when integrating your bank account or credit card with Sage One.

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