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About Us

Intesolmac At a Glance

Is a leading financial business solution provider in Uganda with internationally acclaimed adaptable solutions, tailored for your business enabling you to access performance at every stage of your business growth.

What We Do

We lessen your load of managing your organization by providing you with the most appropriate, customized business software solutions. We eliminate financial stress arising from liquidity issues and mismanagement, reporting requirements, the Revenue Authority needs and lack of trust, suspicion within and without.

RESULT: There has been an unprecedented quantifiable growth in financial results with those organizations that have employed our strategies.


Areas of growth include:

  • Depth in business experience.
  • Accounting expertise.
  • Complete confidence in knowing your business every time we serve you.

We are people you can trust with the highest professional integrity, independence and objectivity.

Business Managers desire peace of mind; Intesolmac will ensure this peace of mind right from the start, through all stages of growth, and we will be there to support all this growth.


Growth Strategy

  •  Implement Solutions
  •  Continuity
  •  Support & Expertise

Helping organizations implement solutions that form the financial heart of the entities which become a central repository of key information leading to growth.

Ensuring the continuity of getting this information always.

Our backup service, support and expertise is what organizations need to remain efficient and competitive as required for business growth.

Our Skills

60% Complete
HTML / HTML5 60%
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ASP.Net 40%
20% Complete (info)
Java 20%
60% Complete (warning)
JavaScript / jQuery 60%
80% Complete (danger)
CSS / CSS3 80%

Some Of Our Clients

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