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Hope Frontiers brings hope to the disadvantaged children and youth through activities of reducing the rate of school drop-outs, providing logistical support for career development, research and providing technical skills support to school leavers and drop-outs.

  1. Identifying problems faced by the children and the youth as well as finding possible solutions, training young people and the youth in life skills and entrepreneurship using available little resources so as to increase their resource base, ensuring that education opportunities are offered to children and youth especially those in disadvantaged families, researching ways and means of improving children and youth welfare through pulling resources for money generating projects. 
    • We support children in primary schools, secondary schools, and youth in higher institutions of learning. 
    • Provide various scholastic basic needs, materials to disadvantaged children.
  2. Carry out reproductive health education to various communities, as well as giving hope and courage to HIV/ AIDS victims to help them have a positive and healthy living.
  3. Organizing skills development workshops for unskilled, unemployed youth with the aim of equipping them with skills to compete in the job market.
  4. Advocating for rights of children and women, lobbing for policies to counter domestic violence.
  5. Carry out sensitization of various communities about the presence and awareness of child abuse, domestic violence and informing them of available centers to seek help when faced with such crimes.
  6. Sensitizing communities on the impact of their activities on the environment and teaching them on how to care for their environment
    • Using renewable energy instead of firewood, or using energy saver stoves, biogas e.t.c.
    • organizing tree planting exercises in schools and various communities.

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