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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my new version of Sage Intelligence Reporting overwrite my current version?

    Newer installations of Sage Intelligence Reporting do not overwrite existing installations. The new installation of Sage Intelligence will detect existing reports by pointing the new installation to the existing install’s metadata repository. Please see below diagram for clarification: ** If you Read More
  • Where can I check my current Sage Intelligence Reporting version?

    To verify which version of Sage Intelligence Reporting you currently have installed, select the Help tab from within the Report Manager or Connector, and then select About. The pop-up window will indicate which version of Sage Intelligence Reporting is currently installed: Read More
  • Will customized reports built on an older version of Sage Intelligence Reporting be compatible in the newer version?

    Yes. Once you have installed the latest version of Sage Evolution Version 7 Intelligence Reporting (and set up the metadata repository to point at the existing folder – as mentioned in Question 1.1). You will be able to run our customized Read More
  • Can you use Intelligence Reporting on a Terminal Services and Citrix environment?

    Official support for Citrix and Terminal Services load balanced hosted environments is supported for integrated versions of Sage Evolution Version 7 Intelligence Reporting. Read More
  • Can Intelligence Reporting connect to any database type?

    Intelligence Reporting is able to connect with all ODBC compliant database/s. Read More
  • What operating systems is Sage Evolution Version 7 Intelligence Reporting compatible with?

    Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit),  Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit),  Windows Server 2008 R2,  Windows Server 2012.  Read More
  • Is Sage Evolution Version 7 Intelligence Reporting compatible with Microsoft Office 32 and 64-bit?

    Yes. Read More
  • Why would I use the Connector Module?

    The Connector further simplifies day-to-day operational tasks by providing access to the information they need from multiple sources and consolidation of data from multiple companies. The Connector allows for consolidations and connectivity to unlimited ODBC data sources and includes a Read More
  • Can you add your own Connection Types in the Connector module?

    The Connector module allows reports to be created off any ODBC-compliant database for an unlimited number of companies and databases. Users are able to add a new connection to any of the ODBC drivers. Read More
  • What is the difference between the Auto Connect and Consolidation Connection?

    A consolidation connection allows users to connect to more than one company or database. Auto connection is used for connection to a single company or database. Read More
  • What types of containers are available and is there an advantage to using one type of Container over another in the Connector module?

    Containers can be based on a database table, view, stored procedure, custom SQL query or a custom join based on two or more tables/views in a database. Graphical Joins, existing views and SQL Joins are the preferred methods for creating Read More
  • Could you explain why SQL expression is better to use then excel formulas?

    Excel Formulas should be a last resort if the end result cannot be achieved through SQL expressions as Excel formulas have a negative effect on file size and performance. Read More
  • Is there are way to back up your containers?

    Yes. In the Connector module select the File tab. Select the Backup Metadata option which will ensure that the existing reports and their containers are backed up to the location specified. To specify the backup location go to the file Read More
  • Am I able to lock Containers?

    Support for locking of containers and expressions in the Connector has been removed. Users are able to lock reports in the Report Manager module. Read More
  • Is there a limit to the number of containers in the Connector?

    No. Read More
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