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Sage One is Online - what does this mean?

It means that just like you access your internet banking through your browser without having to install anything on to your desktop, you can access Sage One through your browser without having to do any installations, network setup etc.







Benefits of Sage One

  • Your data is safer in the cloud than on your desktop/laptop or internal servers

    Your data is stored in the cloud and is subject to far more rigorous security than your internal servers. Sage One uses 256-bit encryption on your data. That is the same level of security as your online bank. Just think of all the risks you are exposed to when you just store data on your desktop. Do you always lock your computer when you step away for two seconds? Do you have a strong password? What if your laptop is stolen or your hard drive crashes? In all those cases it is much safer to have your data backed up on the cloud. In short, Sage One is super secure. Read More
  • Accessible anywhere, at any time, on any device – for you and for your accountant

    As long as you have an internet connection, you can log into Sage One. This means that no matter where you are, you can use any device with an internet browser to access Sage One whether it’s on a friends computer or on your tablet or laptop. Just open your browser, and log in. In Sage One, you can invite other users too, like your accountant. Your accountant can log in at any time, whether you are processing or not and can do what he needs to, making sure that you always have up to date and accurate information at all times. The best part is that both of you can be logged in at the same time having productive Read More
  • Sage One has a Mobile app – fabulous for getting stuff done on the run

    The Sage One apps are available for Android and iOs devices. Send Quotes and Invoices directly to your customers. Log on from wherever you are to view customer information and record notes (which will automatically display in your To Do’s on the Dashboard). Search for customers and contact them straight from your iPhone, using your standard phone or email applications. Find your way to your customer’s offices using the map links. Process quotes and invoices, or convert quotes to invoices, and email these to your customer before you leave their offices. Never lose a receipt again. Use your phone to take a photo, enter your expense details and update your Sage One bank account in seconds! Read More
  • See your data in graphs and understandable displays

    The Sage One dashboards are great for those of you who don’t want to have to read through the usual text style reports to understand what’s going on in your business. The dashboard is customisable, so you can select the important displays you want to see when you log into Sage One. Some of the frequently used ones are: the bank balance, a graph displaying the value of outstanding payments from your customers, outstanding quotes, your top customers. There are over 20 different displays! Read More
  • Get to where you need to go quickly!

    Sage One has been designed to help you easily navigate between tasks. Most accounting software vendors like to say that their product is easy to use, so instead of making the same statement, we’re going to give you some great examples! In any business, it’s important to manage your customers, and there are different elements to managing them - from quoting and tracking those quotes, to invoicing, and collecting payment. In Sage One, from one place, you are able to see a list of all quotes, and as your clients give you feedback, you can quickly assign a status to each quote – Accepted or Declined. From this same page, you can also quickly link the quote to an invoice meaning there’s Read More
  • Say goodbye to manual bank reconciliations and hello to a healthy cash flow!

    Turn hours of data entry into minutes of data review! Use the bank feeds, together with a payment gateway on your customer invoices! Imagine teaching Sage One to recognise that a transaction that comes through every month, should automatically be allocated to the right account? You can teach Sage One to recognise references and over time, you can halve the number of manual allocations you need to do. If you use automatic bank feeds, it also means that you never have to capture lines into your cashbook. Sage One can link into your internet banking and to feed your statement straight into your cashbook, and if you’ve started coding Sage One to recognise references, they’ll also automatically be allocated. Take Read More
  • The Customer Zone

    You can enable a customer zone for your customers. When you invoice them, they will be directed to their very own zone where they can see all invoices, paid or unpaid, run a statement, update their details, and most importantly, easily select which invoices they want to pay. They can then use our payment gateway to make the payment, instead of having to log into their own internet banking and creating you as a beneficiary. Sage One together with your Sage One Adviser, is the quickest way to ensure that you keep your business in tip top shape! Read More
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