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Sage One has been designed to help you easily navigate between tasks. Most accounting software vendors like to say that their product is easy to use, so instead of making the same statement, we’re going to give you some great examples!

In any business, it’s important to manage your customers, and there are different elements to managing them - from quoting and tracking those quotes, to invoicing, and collecting payment.

In Sage One, from one place, you are able to see a list of all quotes, and as your clients give you feedback, you can quickly assign a status to each quote – Accepted or Declined. From this same page, you can also quickly link the quote to an invoice meaning there’s no retyping of lines. You may just want to email the quote to the customer again and this too can be done from this one central place.

Over time, you’ll start using the column headings on this page to sort the information. For example, if you sort on status of quotes, you can then see all declined quotes - and then click in to see what these quotes entailed to identify any trends. These quick links have been designed to help you gain important insight into your business. Once you receive payment from your customer, you can receipt this payment through your bank, or directly from your invoice screen, or even choose to use standard menu options.

There’s lots of quick links in Sage One for various activities, but through clever design, these pages are not cluttered - they’re clear and understandable and help you get the job done quickly!

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