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Turn hours of data entry into minutes of data review!

Use the bank feeds, together with a payment gateway on your customer invoices! Imagine teaching Sage One to recognise that a transaction that comes through every month, should automatically be allocated to the right account? You can teach Sage One to recognise references and over time, you can halve the number of manual allocations you need to do. If you use automatic bank feeds, it also means that you never have to capture lines into your cashbook. Sage One can link into your internet banking and to feed your statement straight into your cashbook, and if you’ve started coding Sage One to recognise references, they’ll also automatically be allocated.

Take it a step further by allowing your customers to pay you electronically from a link on their invoice using our Sage Pay service. If you do this, then when you bring in the Sage Pay banking lines, those customer payments will automatically be allocated to the right customer, and to the right invoice. And, if you collect your money with this method, you can use the balance in your Sage Pay account to pay your suppliers using our secure Sage Pay batch payments. Paying your Suppliers automatically through Sage Pay also auto allocates the payments to the relevant and correct invoices.

There are many examples of fantastic tools we haven’t discussed, but just one more example, and the rest is up to you to find whilst exploring Sage One.

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